Who we work with

Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association
Hong Kong Basketball Association
Fresh Fish Traders' School
The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
Federation of Parent Teacher Associations in Kwun Tong District Limited
Society for Community Organization



St. James' Settlement
The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Shamshuipo Kaifong Welfare Association Primary School
Hong Kong Playground Association

Our Pledge

We strive to


exceed statutory requirements in relation to sustainability issues;


provide a safe working environment for our employees and inspire them to grow with the Group;


engage our stakeholders and develop mutual communication on our sustainability performances;


influence our supply chain to share our belief with regard to corporate sustainability; and


minimize the potential environmental impacts of our projects as far as practicable;


continuously improve our sustainability performance through monitoring and reporting.


enhance the quality of life for the communities where we operate;

Adrian Cheng
Executive Vice-chairman and General Manager
Chairman of Group Sustainability Steering Committee