Karen Lau

Karen Lau, Officer - Corporate Communication, New World Development Company Limited

As a new staff member, I believe that the Group is committed to providing new members with comprehensive training and development to enhance their knowledge and skills. Staff orientation is held for new staff members to help us understand and adapt to the corporate culture quickly.

I look forward to joining the YoungSTAR Programme, which provides high-flyers at junior level with structured training. Through this holistic programme, I hope I can further equip myself to become part of the Group’s talent pool in the future.

I am also very impressed to see the Group’s dedication to corporate volunteering . The Group encourages staff from all levels to take part in initiatives that promote contributing to society . One of the best examples is New World Springboard sustainable community programme which aims to help unleash potential of under-resourced children and youths and help them develop a positive outlook on life.