Albert Hui

Albert Hui, Director of Corporate Strategy, New World Development Company Limited

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in many high-quality talent development programmes the Group generously provides. A good example is the comprehensive yet focused STAR programme which is customised for executives. The STAR programme equips us with effective business tools so that we would be able to grasp the rapidly-evolving market trends and respond pro-actively to changing customers’ needs.

Before joining the New World family, I spent two years full-time at Harvard Business School (HBS) to achieve an MBA degree. The STAR programme, structured in a similar way to that of the HBS MBA, brought me many fresh and up-to-date perspectives. Under the direction of a team of top-tier professors from Canada, we took part in a series of sophisticated business case studies and role-play exercises. During sharing of experiences in our respective areas, we discussed how to optimise resources within the company to create the greatest intra-company synergy and how to disseminate our intrapreneurial spirit to the rest of the Group. The programme also allowed us to build deep trust and good friendships outside the classroom.

During the 16-month period, we went through seven modules one of which was “leading high performance team” which taught us the intricacies of organisational behaviour, psychology and business management and I have benefitted tremendously from them. As a team leader, I believe that providing a safe and pleasant environment for team members to happily work in and learn from one another is critical to ignite creativity and innovation - the two important elements that help realise big dreams and add value to the Group.